Elegant, stylish...
with just a dash of whimsy

Mens Wear

26 May, 2018

I have always enjoyed the detailed construction techniques in menswear, and having found some suppliers of fabrics and habadashery overseas have started some new lines, and bespoke items….more details soon…

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Silk Flowers

29 August, 2017

 Can be given individually as gifts, used for mens flower lapels, or just for the sheer joy!

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Boutique Wedding Styling begins

12 July, 2016

Dressmaking and Couturier design have always been my primary passion. I now have more time to immerse myself in creating new themes. I am wanting to continue my vintage romantic theme towards styling for 2nd weddings, and unconventional weddings. I love spending time creating an individual and unique style for weddings, working with dress design,…

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Workshops begin

6 May, 2016

We were delighted to host a workshop with the fabulous Rose Hudson in March. Rose guided six women through blocking a straw crown and brim,then wire the brim,and put together to take home their own individually creative hat. There was much camaraderie, fabulous food, new skills learned, and abundant inspiration.       On the…

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I love spring…

14 September, 2015
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I vote for brims this racing season

17 July, 2015

In Australia it seems only logical to me that women wear hats with brims for feminine sun protection for the face! Starting to plan for this season now….

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Now starting to make men’s hats

17 July, 2015

I am just starting to venture into the world of men’s hats. I have a few sartorially minded gentleman friends whom have happily volunteered as practice clients.

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24 June, 2015

Nothing keeps my head warm better than a hat in winter! A stylish addition to any outfit,especially waiting for the train these cold mornings.

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Flower making

18 June, 2015

I just loved making these elegant flowers..they do take hours but the results are so much lovelier than store bought.

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